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40 kW wall-mounted charger – DC charger

Compact mobile 30 kW DC charger for indoor use. This product is suitable for the temporary charging of all EVs and electric machines using the CCS standard.

The YESGREEN 40 kW (62A) small form factor wall charger makes charging all CCS2 vehicles easy at any garage or parking area. 

Small form factor and wall/stand mounting options enable flexible installation and charger positioning. High voltage range up to 1000 VDC allows charging of all electric vehicles. Default charging cable is 7 meter long CCS2 cable.

Technical Specification

Power rating                          40 kW, 48A DC 

EV connector                         CCS, 5 or 7 meter cable 

Output voltage                      200~1000 VDC 

Input voltage                         400 VAC 

Maximum input current        62 A 

Size (w,d,h)                            800 * 170 * 550 mm 

Weight                                  40 kg 

Case safety ratings                IP54 

Operating temperature        -20°C to +50°C 

Mounting options                 Wall or stand mount

Product variants

YESGREEN 40 kW DC Wall charger CCS2, 5 meter cable 

YESGREEN 40 kW DC Wall charger CCS2, 7 meter cable 

YESGREEN 40 kW DC charger floor mounting stand